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A personal note from publisher Roxie Hanna
Two years ago I embarked on this publishing journey called Sunscribe. It is with sadness that I announce, due to health reasons, that we will close our doors. Sunscribe and imprints Dancing Squirrel, Java Creek and Sandalwood Press are all divisions of Silver Sun Publishers, LLC – and effective immediately, we will no longer be in business except to complete the required “winding down” of the company affairs.


Sunscribe™ Publishers and imprints are a division of Silver Sun™ Publishers, LLC.
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  1. I`d like to thank you sincerely for your editing suggestions for my work which Sunscribe was considering; although your company is in the process of being dissolved, your suggestions only made my work stronger. I am so sorry about your health issues and wish you a strong, swift recovery and a happy holiday season.

    • sunscribe says:

      It has been a pleasure to work with you and I appreciated the opportunity to view your work. I know you will achieve all you desire because of your dedication and diligence!

  2. Rosemary C. Gray says:

    I’m among those thankful for SunScribe’s many contributions to our writing and reading community, and for Roxanne’s generous help and guidance when needed. Wishing good health and peace of mind.

  3. aloha and thank you Roxie for all you have done and do. you and Sunscribe have given me a great lift in this world. I appreciate that. I appreciate you. my best energies to you. including be well. walk in beauty. and have fun. everyday, have fun. aloha rick

    • sunscribe says:

      Aloha Rick! You have been an inspiration to me, and I personally thank you for all you’ve done to suppor Sunscribe. I do hope you received my email today? Continue uplifting others with your beautiful art. Roxie

  4. Beth Crosby says:

    Best wishes for improved health.

  5. Thank you for sponsoring the Rock Hill SC Writers Workshop this past Saturday! I met wonderful people and learned a lot. And thank you for listing my website as one of your friends.It is great to know that a resource like Sunscribe Publishing is available!